SELECT 2, Garvey Simon Gallery, NYC



Second Annual Exhibition of Artists Selected from the
Gallery Review Program

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 27, 6 - 8 p.m.
Exhibition: July 27- August 12, 2017

Leonard Sussman, Salines (brine lagoons) near Salon de Giraud, Camargue (Delta of the Rhone River), France, 2012, Archival digital print, 26 x 36 in, LS003


July 10, 2017 New York, NY (Chelsea) — Garvey Simon is pleased to announce Select 2, the second annual exhibition featuring work by eight mid-career artists chosen by director Elizabeth K. Garvey from the gallery’s innovative Review Program launched last year. This year’s artists are: Pokey Alrutz, Kim Carlino, Kathy Levine, Shona MacDonald, Robert Stuart, Leonard Sussman, Kate Walker, and Sung Won Yun.

Elizabeth K. Garvey established the Review Program to open a dialogue between artists and galleries, a practice that has long been anathema to gallery orthodoxy. Neither the past practice of artists drowning galleries in heaps of slides nor today’s avalanche of emails is beneficial to either gallery or artist.  Garvey believes that artists “need to have a working platform to engage with dealers who otherwise might not see their work.”  In the first phase of the multi-tiered program, artists must pay a nominal fee for their website to be reviewed.  “We want artist to think before they submit and be sure their work is appropriate for our program – the small fee puts some 'skin in the game' and detracts from artists sending generic, mass submissions.”  Finalists are given a private meeting with the gallery to view and consider their work for the exhibition. Last year, the program was a career catalyst for two artists, Linda Lindroth and Lily Prince who subsequently had shows with both Garvey|Simon and another contemporary gallery in Chelsea.

This year’s exhibition showcases the limitless possibilities of works-on-paper and embraces unusual materials and design.  Robert Stuart and Kim Carlino create multi-layered abstractions in distinctly unique media to spark inquiry and explorations of light, color, pattern and surface.  Outsider artist, Pokey Alrutz, invents dystopian worlds with impeccably seamless collages. Shona MacDonald’s delicate silverpoint drawings capture mysterious and transient images in Western New England. Sun Won Yun uses graphite and colored pencil on layered transparent papers to portray serenity as “congeries of time.” Kathy Levine and Kate Walker use subtle narratives via mixed media reliefs to explore relationships in contemporary society. Leonard Sussman’s photographs depict the monumentality of raw nature.

Kim Carlino calls herself an “interventionist” who mines the space between painting and drawing to explore relationships between color, geometry, line and form.  Endeavoring to find equanimity in disparate elements, her work playfully employs shifts of scale, opticality, and disillusion of space and time. In her recent series of Tyvek Paintings, Carlino uses the Dupont manufactured synthetic material (commonly used to wrap and protect buildings) as the surface upon which to create her compositions.



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Open Studios 2014

I am opening my studio this November 15th & 16th.  Stop by to check out my new body of work! I will have Micro Cosmos for sale as well as the launch of my new print series: (un)Natural Selection!  


Portal I. Wall Painting in Progress

I've been working on a wall painting on the first floor of Mill 180 in Easthampton, MA.  I wanted to be able to translate my improvisational method of working from the flat surface of 'paper' to the vertical surface of the wall.  This has been an incredibly fun and challenging adventure.  I am working with Golden's High Flow Acrylics and spray paint for the first time, trying to achieve and maintain transparency and fluidity.   Below is an in progress shot.