There Was No Color On The Moon. Painting/Print Hybrid Release Today!


    Price: $100.00.

    Painting/Print Hybrid. 10 originals available. Randomly selected for you. 22in x 30in. Ink, Acrylic, spraypaint and ink jet print on blue print paper. 2016 Signed, Numberd & Dated. *The cover image is the Artist's Proof and is NFS. It is representative of the series. Please click through all variations to see the whole series, when you order I will randomly select one of original out of the 10 to send to you. 

Open Studios 2014

I am opening my studio this November 15th & 16th.  Stop by to check out my new body of work! I will have Micro Cosmos for sale as well as the launch of my new print series: (un)Natural Selection!  


Portal I. Wall Painting in Progress

I've been working on a wall painting on the first floor of Mill 180 in Easthampton, MA.  I wanted to be able to translate my improvisational method of working from the flat surface of 'paper' to the vertical surface of the wall.  This has been an incredibly fun and challenging adventure.  I am working with Golden's High Flow Acrylics and spray paint for the first time, trying to achieve and maintain transparency and fluidity.   Below is an in progress shot.

UMCA's Contemporary Collector's Circle

University Museum of Contemporary Art’s Contemporary Collectors Circle

Occasional trips (both in- and out-of-state) provide unique opportunities to visit galleries, museums, and artists’ studios.

This club is for people who love art and want to learn more about it.

University Museum of Contemporary Art Collectors Circle
First Meeting: Wednesday May 14, 6:00–7:30 p.m.
“Collecting 101: How to Start a Collection”

Artists Kim Carlino and Holly Lynton

Gallerist William Baczek | Collector Tony Maroulis

Your Next Art Show:

Getting Noticed and Selling Your Work


Thursday, May 15, 7:30pm

Woodbury Room, Jones Library, Amherst


Amherst Art Walk's

Second Annual Artists' Forum

With a panel of 5 experts

Artist/Kim Carlino

Aritst/Nancy Winship Milliken

Arts Editor/James Heflin

Gallery Owner/Michelle Raboin

Moderator/Tomy Maroulis



in flight: views from the studio

I was looking at pictures of the mars rover today and thinking about exploration. The lone rover seeing and experiencing this fascinating planet- with the objective of seeing and reporting. I was reminded of how we as artists see and report on life, filtered through our own unique lens. Often out there at the front experiencing and thinking deeply about this world and experience we are having.

The curiosity which drives us to seek new places or new experiences is a compelling force that propels us into new territory. At once scary and thrilling, often at the edges of comfort level.

As I rework and add to my visual language, I try to let the work evolve from itself through the process of working while continually forcing myself to ride the edge of the uncomfortable zone. Sometimes it works and well, sometimes I just try.

in flight: views from my studio

The Laboratory has been heating up around here- being inspired by many interesting submissions. Balancing this with working in the studio.

I'm opting this week for snapshots and glimpses..the clear duralar has been challenging to work with- I like aspects of its reflective quality, but then again I don't. Feels so shiny, but I enjoy working on the backside and seeing the underside and responding to that.