in flight: conversations in the studio(or out and about)

I re-visited Sol LeWitt yesterday. 4 1/2 years ago I joined the team of installers to put up the 25 year drawing retrospective of one of the all-time most important Contemporary Artists on view at North Adam's Mass MoCA. I am forever in awe of the idea as machine. I am delighted by the subtlety of pencil lines layered in orderly combinations to express a complete range of possibilities. I slow down and look closely, deciphering the marks on the wall, trying to retrace the steps to get there.

I have been fascinated with the grid since I began to make work in my early twenties.

I use it to give order and structure.
I use it to monitor time.
I use it to explore the tension of structure.

Years later, a bit older, moving forward on my path as artist- I'm continually drawn to the pseudo scientific methods that the grid gives me to ask my questions about space, line and form.

(That's my portrait I'm standing next to in the Sol LeWitt Information area @ Mass MoCA)