in flight: conversation in the studio(Lawrence Ferlinghetti whispered in my ear today)

I am your whispered voice
Your inside voice
Your interior voice
Your unheard voice
Your unspoken voice
Your unvoiced voice
Your unspeakable voice
I am your hearts voice and your heartless voice
Your deepest voice
Under layers of living and speaking
The voice of your buried life
Your invisible life
Your silent life
Your unknown life
Your unopened life
Your unrealized life
The undiscovered life that no one sees
Not even your lover
Not even yourself

If you will listen to me
If you will lend me the ear
Of your mind
And of your bent heart
If you will heed my whisperings....
Heed my whisperings......
Heed my whisperings....
Heed my whisperings.........

By: Lawrence Ferlinghetti