in the studio: Staying healthy in the studio

What habits do you maintain for your health in and out of the studio? Healthy lifestyles and delicious food being a long term passion of mine, I was intrigued by Brainard Carey's interview podcast of David Wolfe, a raw and super food guru. Brainard Carey a self-professed raw foodist advocates the power of this diet with some pretty hefty credentials to back it up, namely the clarity of vision to achieve A Whitney Biennial invitation. Read the book- Making It In The Art World( see sidebar for a link to Amazon). Powerful thinking outside the box.

So this idea of health affecting our productivity in the studio is super important to keeping you focused, feeling good and staying positive. There is lots of research about the link between exercise, eating healthy and being positive. So, with Spring here today, the season for being active and starting fresh is upon us.

1. Make realistic health goals.
2. Eat one raw food meal a day.
3. Take a walk. Be inspired by the world around you.
4. Be positive.

Check out this podcast- one of many must listens while you are there: as David Wolfe says, nourish yourself on the cellular level...and wait and see what happens.