in flight: conversations in the studio

I've been thinking a lot about my elevator speech- what is my work really about- what do I say when asked about what I do? Do I rattle off some quick answer about abstraction and geometry to rush the uncomfortable feeling of putting the visual into words? Yes I do. How do I slow down and articulate all of the nuance of my visual language into a short 30 second sound bite? Practice, I think. Confidence to slow down. I've been spending time thinking about the essence of my work in relation to contemporary culture. Who Am I at this very moment, living in this world, and making art? And why is it important? The relevance of asking these questions of myself all of the time invigorate my practice in the studio from the doldrums of too much inward thinking without a balance of my relationship to the outside world.

So, these days what is my work about? I am drawn to opposing forces, contrasts, disparate elements and finding harmony between them. How do these seeming opposite forces exist together in this world- how can balance and equanimity be achieved? It is a playful improvisational dance every time.