in flight: inside the studio


I'm constantly thinking about and questioning the relationship of color, to me, to my environment, to my emotions, to my art. At heart, I think of myself as a colorist: constantly dreaming of being completely engulfed in color. The spaces I love the most have a strong sense of color or glow as a central element, like Spencer Finch's Candlelight installation at Mass MOCA or the feeling of the sun trickling in through stained glass windows in old churches. I like the feeling of direct sensation while viewing color in environment.

How do I push and pull on expected color relationships and associations in new and inventive combinations to evoke feeling? Well, I think, through color play. Across my work table, I lay out a series of 1 1/2" squares and begin to sketch in color as I pull drops of color from my butcher tray palettes...drops of neon orange and pink mingled with ivory black and dark indigo accented with lime green, turquoise and burnt sienna. Infinite possibilities for combination..