UMCA's Contemporary Collector's Circle

University Museum of Contemporary Art’s Contemporary Collectors Circle

Occasional trips (both in- and out-of-state) provide unique opportunities to visit galleries, museums, and artists’ studios.

This club is for people who love art and want to learn more about it.

University Museum of Contemporary Art Collectors Circle
First Meeting: Wednesday May 14, 6:00–7:30 p.m.
“Collecting 101: How to Start a Collection”

Artists Kim Carlino and Holly Lynton

Gallerist William Baczek | Collector Tony Maroulis

Your Next Art Show:

Getting Noticed and Selling Your Work


Thursday, May 15, 7:30pm

Woodbury Room, Jones Library, Amherst


Amherst Art Walk's

Second Annual Artists' Forum

With a panel of 5 experts

Artist/Kim Carlino

Aritst/Nancy Winship Milliken

Arts Editor/James Heflin

Gallery Owner/Michelle Raboin

Moderator/Tomy Maroulis



in flight: views from the studio

I was looking at pictures of the mars rover today and thinking about exploration. The lone rover seeing and experiencing this fascinating planet- with the objective of seeing and reporting. I was reminded of how we as artists see and report on life, filtered through our own unique lens. Often out there at the front experiencing and thinking deeply about this world and experience we are having.

The curiosity which drives us to seek new places or new experiences is a compelling force that propels us into new territory. At once scary and thrilling, often at the edges of comfort level.

As I rework and add to my visual language, I try to let the work evolve from itself through the process of working while continually forcing myself to ride the edge of the uncomfortable zone. Sometimes it works and well, sometimes I just try.

in flight: views from my studio

The Laboratory has been heating up around here- being inspired by many interesting submissions. Balancing this with working in the studio.

I'm opting this week for snapshots and glimpses..the clear duralar has been challenging to work with- I like aspects of its reflective quality, but then again I don't. Feels so shiny, but I enjoy working on the backside and seeing the underside and responding to that.

in flight: inside the studio


I'm constantly thinking about and questioning the relationship of color, to me, to my environment, to my emotions, to my art. At heart, I think of myself as a colorist: constantly dreaming of being completely engulfed in color. The spaces I love the most have a strong sense of color or glow as a central element, like Spencer Finch's Candlelight installation at Mass MOCA or the feeling of the sun trickling in through stained glass windows in old churches. I like the feeling of direct sensation while viewing color in environment.

How do I push and pull on expected color relationships and associations in new and inventive combinations to evoke feeling? Well, I think, through color play. Across my work table, I lay out a series of 1 1/2" squares and begin to sketch in color as I pull drops of color from my butcher tray palettes...drops of neon orange and pink mingled with ivory black and dark indigo accented with lime green, turquoise and burnt sienna. Infinite possibilities for combination..

in the studio: Staying healthy in the studio

What habits do you maintain for your health in and out of the studio? Healthy lifestyles and delicious food being a long term passion of mine, I was intrigued by Brainard Carey's interview podcast of David Wolfe, a raw and super food guru. Brainard Carey a self-professed raw foodist advocates the power of this diet with some pretty hefty credentials to back it up, namely the clarity of vision to achieve A Whitney Biennial invitation. Read the book- Making It In The Art World( see sidebar for a link to Amazon). Powerful thinking outside the box.

So this idea of health affecting our productivity in the studio is super important to keeping you focused, feeling good and staying positive. There is lots of research about the link between exercise, eating healthy and being positive. So, with Spring here today, the season for being active and starting fresh is upon us.

1. Make realistic health goals.
2. Eat one raw food meal a day.
3. Take a walk. Be inspired by the world around you.
4. Be positive.

Check out this podcast- one of many must listens while you are there: as David Wolfe says, nourish yourself on the cellular level...and wait and see what happens.

in flight: in the studio

What are you doing at this very moment to create your own context for your work? Creating one's own context seems to be a reoccurring theme as I talk with artists, curators, DIY art promoters and art enthusiasts.

What 3 steps can you take right now to share your brilliant self with others?

It is spring, the days are longer, the birds are returning,we are uncurling from our winter nests to a world of possibility.

So in the words of Todd Henry from the Accidental Creative, " Practice your craft relentlessly. Get great at what you do, even when no one sees it. Then...when you get your chance...grab it."

I would also add, go for what your heart desires.

Check my list of blogs, opportunities and Podcasts for inspiration.

in flight: conversations in the studio

I've been thinking a lot about my elevator speech- what is my work really about- what do I say when asked about what I do? Do I rattle off some quick answer about abstraction and geometry to rush the uncomfortable feeling of putting the visual into words? Yes I do. How do I slow down and articulate all of the nuance of my visual language into a short 30 second sound bite? Practice, I think. Confidence to slow down. I've been spending time thinking about the essence of my work in relation to contemporary culture. Who Am I at this very moment, living in this world, and making art? And why is it important? The relevance of asking these questions of myself all of the time invigorate my practice in the studio from the doldrums of too much inward thinking without a balance of my relationship to the outside world.

So, these days what is my work about? I am drawn to opposing forces, contrasts, disparate elements and finding harmony between them. How do these seeming opposite forces exist together in this world- how can balance and equanimity be achieved? It is a playful improvisational dance every time.

in flight: conversation in the studio(Lawrence Ferlinghetti whispered in my ear today)

I am your whispered voice
Your inside voice
Your interior voice
Your unheard voice
Your unspoken voice
Your unvoiced voice
Your unspeakable voice
I am your hearts voice and your heartless voice
Your deepest voice
Under layers of living and speaking
The voice of your buried life
Your invisible life
Your silent life
Your unknown life
Your unopened life
Your unrealized life
The undiscovered life that no one sees
Not even your lover
Not even yourself

If you will listen to me
If you will lend me the ear
Of your mind
And of your bent heart
If you will heed my whisperings....
Heed my whisperings......
Heed my whisperings....
Heed my whisperings.........

By: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

in flight: conversations in the studio(or out and about)

I re-visited Sol LeWitt yesterday. 4 1/2 years ago I joined the team of installers to put up the 25 year drawing retrospective of one of the all-time most important Contemporary Artists on view at North Adam's Mass MoCA. I am forever in awe of the idea as machine. I am delighted by the subtlety of pencil lines layered in orderly combinations to express a complete range of possibilities. I slow down and look closely, deciphering the marks on the wall, trying to retrace the steps to get there.

I have been fascinated with the grid since I began to make work in my early twenties.

I use it to give order and structure.
I use it to monitor time.
I use it to explore the tension of structure.

Years later, a bit older, moving forward on my path as artist- I'm continually drawn to the pseudo scientific methods that the grid gives me to ask my questions about space, line and form.

(That's my portrait I'm standing next to in the Sol LeWitt Information area @ Mass MoCA)

in flight: Wednesdays in the studio





I finished series II, consisting of the blue and grey palette and variations. With all of the snow I have been drawn to a warmer palette this past week.

In Leo Lionni's children's book, Frederick- as his contribution, the little mouse gathers colors and poetry in his mind and senses to share with his family through the long winter months- here I share some warmth on this eve of Valentines Day!



Cosmos Continuing...

The studio has been seeing a lot of action the past few months!  It has been exhilirating as I experiment, discover and add to my ongoing library of line.  I have continued to work on my Cosmological Formation series as I push the palette in new directions and the line in more dramatic configurations.  I have been looking at this wonderful book YogaArt lent to me by my studio neighbor Barbara Johnson- She was right on in seeing an affinity between my work and the book.  Actually my line work began in NYC- doodling on the subway while I was deep in Yoga Study @ Dharma Yoga and The New York Open Center in Soho- and reading Toltec and Buddhist Spirituality.  As these experiences have imprinted on my consciousness, I carry them forward as I create a cosmology around my own sense of form, order and light.  


Grand Rapids Art Prize... Starts in 4 days...

The Grand Rapids Art Prize is a city wide ART event that houses art in any possible venue proposed, indoor and outdoor!  There are 1517 entries, 161 venues covering the whole entire city of Grand Rapids, MI(my birth place, coincidentally).  I am thriilled to participate in this super fun event that runs from September 19th- October 7th.


The first place PRIZE is awarded solely by public vote- get out and VOTE!  and see some great art- mingle- and meet new people.  


My piece is called: Earth and Sky and will be exhibited at Minty Keen located at 125 Ottawa NW, Suite 170 in the Ledyard Building. 


You can register online @ to vote- but all of my Michigan people- you need to activate your account in-person with a valid ID(just to be fair:)


If you make it this far?  my voting code is.... 52549


also, check out my entry on






I have a solo show coming up at the Freedom Trails Gallery in Amherst, MA.  The gallery has a great business model that partners with local non-profits in the community.  I have chosen Whole Children Organization to partner with- I have been impressed and inspired by the parents and supporters of this wonderful organization.  25% of proceeds will benefit them directly.  Please come out to the opening reception on September 15th in Amherst.  I have created a limited edition giclee print of a work created specifically for Whole Children.  Please support our community!




 I have enjoyed the playful and improvisational nature of working on these cosmos  inspired paintings!  From pooling and puddling pigment to exploratory mark-making- this has been a summer of intensely focused work! I have enjoyed expanding the paintings into larger sizes as well as experimenting with the dipytch format.  However, my grid work beckons and I will return to When the River Flows Over You in anticipation of the Grand Rapids Art Prize for next year.  I changed my submission to a smaller work for this year due to other pressing shows!  I look forward to the challenges that await me on that 10ft long piece of paper!  




The summer Wednesday Night ART Series was a wonderful experience and success!  I had 5 lovely ladies that inspired me greatly!  I have several workshop options for the fall! Join me for a rule-based painting marathon, intensive color theory workshop and intro to watercolor!    Check out my Workshop page for more information!







Coming From and Going To Series- New Additions- Works in Progress

I often work back and forth between the loose, flowing and organic paintings and the tightly controlled grid paintings.  I love the process of floating ink into watercolor.  It is very playful, and sometimes that is just what I need!  May was a busy month with Cottage Street Open Studios.  Thank you to everyone who attended.  I look forward to participating and preparing for the Holiday Open Studios!