Milton Bradley Deconstructed. Springfield, MA. 2017

Photo credit by Danielle Tait Photography

Kim Carlino

Easthampton, Massachusetts


I am an interventionist, mining the space between painting and drawing.  I explore the evolutionary nature of mark making and relationships between color, geometry, line and form. Through a pseudo scientific lens of inquiry and exploration I set up a situation on a paper like surface or directly onto the wall, using the language of painting to improvise from.  This is an arena in which pattern and form engage and accentuate the contradictions, opposites and contrasts that exist in this fabricated world. My work playfully employs shifts of scale, opticality, illusion and disillusion of space and a nonlinear construction of time in hopes of finding equanimity in disparate elements.

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Find my work here:

Pierogi Flat Files, NYC, NY.

Boston Drawing Project, Boston, MA.

Sunne Savage Gallery, Boston, MA.